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SearchWarp (formerly WryteStuff) and Soul of Wit - Currently Rain has more than 80 articles published on SearchWarp and Soul of Wit. Her topic range is indescribable, going from stem cell transplants to proper cat care, and then all the way into the realm of politics and feminism. Click on the logos to read her work on each website.


On a more serious note, Rain writes for The Simple Keys. On this site most of her pieces are a bit more serious. She covers everything from rape to politics with a view toward helping and informing others.

As if that weren't enough, Rain has two blogs that she maintains - one of which has over 200 articles for the voracious reader. "Torrential Rain" is certainly an appropriate title for her blog. Her latest online writing endeavor is the blog entitled "Rain on Pain," which is where Rain talks about the many things disabled people face, as well as those who suffer from chronic pain. To read either of those blogs, click on the appropriate button at the top of the page.

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