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  Tipping Point Book One

Tipping Point
- Mackenzie knew the power grid was going down. She was warned. So she spent years coming up with a way to survive and protect her daughter at the same time. When major cities start going dark, and supply lines to millions of people are cut, Mackenzie is suddenly faced with an entire litany of situations she wasn't expecting, and isn't prepared for. 
  Tipping Point Book Two

Ground Zero
- The world went dark, but Mackenzie was one of the ones who had prepared for it. Not everyone is as fortunate. Prescription drugs are no longer available, and Mac's best friend is a type 1 diabetic. She manages to find someone who can make insulin the old-fashioned way, but she still has to get it to him before it's too late. That means leaving the safety of her hidden farm and travelling hundreds of miles to get there, without getting killed along the way. Meanwhile, her daughter is forced to contend with one disaster after another. 

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  Imperfections is an anthology with contributions from some amazing up-and-coming writers, Rain included. Two of her short stories, Without Leave (a tie-in story to the Tipping Point trilogy) and Scare Tactics, are a part of the mix. Since Rain is the editor of the collection, you can be sure it's going to be a whole bunch of weirdness. A bit of horror, some fantasy, and a dash of science fiction, all with a dystopian twist, so you're going to want to get a piece of that right away!
Coming Soon! - Tipping Point Book Three

Salvage Rights
- For someone who wants to live a quiet and solitary life, Mackenzie is doing a terrible job of it. Somehow she and her daughter have managed to start rebuilding civilization on a small scale. But not everyone wants a return to law and order. There are those who look on the end of society as an opportunity, and they will stop at nothing to ensure Mac and Cameron do not succeed. 

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